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On teeth, nails, and hair

Ms Ross

I finally got my tooth implant after a too-long period of wearing a denture (one day, I will write about this feeling). Before the crown was put in, I had a bone graft in my upper jaw, and a titanium dental root was drilled in. The pain is indescribable. I cried all through the surgery, […]

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The clothes that bind

Yaba dancers

Two times last week – in this, the coldest March in 50 years, apparently – I put on an iro and buba. Both times, as I tied the wrapper securely about my waist, it occurred to me that London, England, is no kind of place for an iro and buba. And when I struggled to fit […]

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On ‘Black Girl Feels’


Last week, my Tumblr dashboard threw up a teaser promo for Solange Knowles’ upcoming single, Losing You. I watched the clip (less than a minute long) three times in a row, liking what I heard and saw much more with each viewing. Then I re-read the blurb an earlier poster, Britticisms had written: Preview for the new […]

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Star Homes

I’ve been feathering my nest since I moved in last August (one year anniversary in a couple of weeks – yay!). A gorgeous print from Neil Leonard here, (buy one!), a lovely vintage lamp over there. A well-loved red armchair, a garland of red flowers above my bed, some coloured tea-light holders and a feminist […]

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More Wishing, More Hoping

Given the pleasing success of the first gift wishlist I posted last week, and the fact that we’re now less than 3 weeks from Christmas Day, I thought I’d post some more options for you all. This one’s more of a mixed bag, but they’re all things I’ve seen, liked and coveted for myself. Chances […]

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Wishing And Hoping

Do you remember that episode of Sex and the City when Carrie sets up a register for her wedding to herself? The motives for this gesture are too long to get into here, but even with the justification, it was a particularly narcissistic thing to do, even by the character’s standards. Still, how great would […]

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Dressing Up

Who doesn’t love a fancy dress party? Well, um, me. I wouldn’t say I loathe them, but I really, really don’t like them. All my life I’ve been to precisely two such events – they were both university summer balls, where I was in the company of dear friends and we were all dressed the […]

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The Friday Pretty: Hipsters

A short one for you all today, soz. Like last week, I struggled for a theme. But then an article about hating hipsters made me think; in the middle of all this loose hate, surely there must be some hipsters we like? Personally, though I mock mercilessly, I’m all for hipsters. They’re having fun with […]

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Black Fridays: We’re Still Using ‘Jungle Fever’? Really?

It’s Friday, I’m Black – it’s Black Friday! First things first – sincere apologies for the brevity of this post, but I am in the process of moving house. My mind seems to have been packed with the rest of my belongings – I have a feeling it’s nestling somewhere between the DVDs and books… […]

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Why I Love… Glasses

To correct my shortsightedness, I got my first pair of glasses – a comically large aviator style – when I was 11 years old. They were hideous: tinted, too big for my face and wholly inappropriate for a child. I remember YorubaDad laughing when he first saw me in them. But credit to him, he did […]

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Unthinkable – Alicia Keys As Styled By Someone Who Likes Her

This song, Unthinkable, by Alicia Keys is giving me life right now. On an album filled with dreck, it stood out from the get go – soulful, with a classic ‘Slow Jam’ beat and keening vocals. Anyway, she finally dropped a video last night, which I slavishly played three times in a row. I kinda love […]

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Why I Love… Dresses

Like many children of the 80s and 90s, I grew up in hardy denim and flannel, saving dresses (usually in too-warm velvet, rustly tafetta and itchy chiffon) for family weddings, birthdays, engagements, naming ceremonies, pretty much any gathering of more than 4 people… (ah, Nigerians!). So of course, I hated dresses, and all that they stood […]

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Time For A Younger Brother…

Growing up with a Yoruba Nigerian mother means I’ve been privy to a great number of awesome axioms, mad metaphors and splendid sayings. There are a few greats – I was startled when I first heard someone say: “The thing that killed your brother is warning you” a not-so-veiled plea to someone to curb their excesses. For […]

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Why I Love… Socks

Of all the exciting things I could be declaring my love for – unicorns! Fire! KNIVES! – I have chosen socks. Comfy, boring, ideal-Christmas-present-for-the-near-dead and completely useful socks. I am probably the only person I know who loves receiving socks for her birthday. I stand by my decision though, because even boring items of clothing […]

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Tiny Venues & Interesting Loos

It’s very easy to bash the great city of London. To be fair, there’s quite a lot to bash if you’re that way inclined – it can be dirty, smelly, expensive and sometimes, it’s so far up its own trendy backside, you can actually taste pavement. Occasionally though, you go out, you have a great night, […]

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