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Bratwurst: my (stereotypical) reality from October

Well, I got it. I GOT THE JOURNALISM FELLOWSHIP I APPLIED FOR LAST MONTH! I’m off to Germany for a coupla months, friends, and I am dead chuffed. Thanks to the lovely people who wished me luck on here, and thanks to the selection panel who saw in my application what I hoped they would […]

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Getting to “no is okay”

just do it

Last week, I applied for a journalism programme in Germany. I’ve never been to Germany, not even to visit my sister who lived there for a few months many years ago. My German vocabulary extends to “schadenfreude”, “bitte” and “bratwurst”, but luckily, I don’t need to be fluent for this position. If I get it, […]

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Cameroon 2013: Day 7

We have reached the apex of this unnecessary blog series! This is my final unsolicited diary entry about my recent work trip to Cameroon. If you want to read about my six-hour car journey from Bamenda to Yaounde, as well as my time at the airport, then the stick around and click after the jump. […]

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Cameroon 2013: Day 6

Hey diary-readers! I can tell you’re all agog to see the (almost) final part of this unsolicited Cameroon diary. Settle down –  it’s here. I’ll just saunter on this road of saying not much for a couple more lines while you get ready to either take off or read on. Today’s entry covers an amazing […]

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Cameroon 2013: Days 1 & 2

I’m in Cameroon for work. Yes, Cameroon, in West Africa. For a week. Let me just twerk real quick… Anyway. Internet is spotty at best, so why not give you a quick, unsolicited semi-diary of our time here so far? I know. You’re welcome. Ramblings below the jump.

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Tales of Urban Wifi

rotterdam centraal

Almost a year ago, Jay Smooth posted this oddly poignant short story on his Tumblr. Last week, I went to Rotterdam on a work trip. I was in the city for literally 24 hours, and took a couple of tram rides while there. This is a small selection of the various wifi network names I […]

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Freelancer’s Prayer for 2013


In the name of the Printing Press, the Commissioning Editor and The Glorious Sub, Please, let someone get pregnant this year. Let someone take a lengthy sabbatical. Let someone decide to retrain as a teacher or hairdresser because it’s what they’ve always wanted to do. Let someone take some time away to finish That Book. […]

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In My Bag

At the risk of sounding like a media wanker, I often get emails from young and/or aspiring journalists asking me for general advice on getting into journalism. Because they have sought my wise words, I get to rant about how things have changed since I was a young ‘un (I still am, I guess, but […]

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Hey, Remember What Rachel Said To Ross?

You’ve all no doubt noted my increasingly erratic schedule when it comes to posting on Yoruba Girl Dancing. Remember when I used to post three or four times a week? Yeah, me neither. I can only apologise and ask that you forgive me. Things have become quite hectic work-wise (as my various work plugs will […]

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