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While You Were Sleeping, and the Dearth of Working Class Romcom Heroines

Last week I watched While You Were Sleeping, which is but one leaf on my ‘Christmas Movies – Romcoms’ branch. I love this movie. It is cute and funny and genuinely romantic, and it stars Sandra Bullock, a fine actress who has contributed much goodness to the genre. I <3 Sandy, man. And speaking of […]

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A Disappearing Number

This week on YGD appears to have unofficially been christened the week of Brown People Entertainment™. I have awesome friends, and so it’s no surprise that a ticket for a terrific play, A Disappearing Number, came into my possession at the weekend. On Monday night, I headed to the Novello Theatre and watched a truly beautiful play […]

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A Night At The Theatre

Do you ever have those days where you wake up feeling beautiful, refreshed, alive? Well, I had one of those a few days ago. I damn-near sang my way into the shower, emerged, with a neat hop, skip and a jump, clean and be-towelled, before waltzing into my clothes. My ponytail looked perfect the first […]

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