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Um, plug?

Morning, all. Last Sunday I was invited into the hallowed halls of Radio 4, to do the newspaper review on Broadcasting House. I was so excited, a little wee may’ve come out. Ahem. I had a lovely time, the other guests – former head of the Arts Council, Sir Christopher Frayling and hynotist and author […]

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No doubt you’re a little bit fatigued by the demands I’ve made on your ears and eyes in recent times. Apologies, but there’s more. I was interviewed for The World Today on the BBC World Service (yeah, baby!) last Wednesday following my piece about Nigeria being the happiest place in the world. You can, if […]

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Welcome To Lagos

It got a little neglected by the audience, what with the first of the televised Leaders’ Debates on ITV1 (Boo! Hiss! Whisper it, a little bit boring!), but at 9pm last Thursday night, BBC2 aired the first in a three-part series called Welcome To Lagos. I was alerted to the programmes by blogger Vex In The City, […]

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The Women Are Coming…

Hey. Hi. Welcome to March. How you doin’? Settled? Great. Let’s talk WOMEN.

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Winter Telly – Cold Nights, Hot Stuff

No doubt, the weather has already given you a heads up; winter is coming hard this year. I hate the cold, and in this season, I’m always grateful for any excuse to keep my antisocial self indoors. This year, I’ve perused the arts diary and I’m cautiously excited. I mean, have you seen the entertainment […]

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Black Fridays: Black Heart On Prime Time

In the end, there was really only one subject today’s Black Friday segment was going to be about. You knew it, I knew it, the interwebz herself knew it. I could talk about how how employers discriminate against jobseekers with Asian and African-sounding names, or I could talk about how Mattel launched new Black Barbies […]

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Radio Ga Ga

Last weekend, I indulged by having a lost weekend. Only instead of booze, drugs and loose men, I gorged on radio, radio, and yep, you guessed it, more radio. I love the radio. My sister and I formed a fake radio station when we were kids, called, titter ye not, “Funky Funky Funky Radio“. It […]

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