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An Almost-Meet-Cute In 15 Tweets

Tweet 1

On Sunday night, I went to see author Taiye Selasi read from and talk about her new novel, Ghana Must Go. She was ace – witty and warm. Also she’s a stone fox, with the deep brown complexion and cheekbones of a goddess. I got to ask a question (yeah!), and she smiled at me […]

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The Nigerian-British History Project

For the last few months, I have been thinking and vaguely discussing with my sister the idea of ‘something more than an oral history of Nigerians in Britain.” We all know Olaudah Equiano (hold tight, Nigerians in pre-1800 UK – braaap!) but how much do we know about the lives of British Nigerians over the […]

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“YOU AIN’T BRITISH, YOU’RE BLACK!” – The woman on the tram

I think every black British person on my Twitter timeline had seen the video of the woman who launched into a racist tirade on a tram somewhere in London before noon on Monday morning (watch it here if you fancy topping up your daily dose of rage, avoid if not – it’s pretty vile). A […]

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Side Project – Alternative Black History Month Facts

Hey guys! For the month of October, my friend @RubyA_79 and I are running a small side project called Alternative Black History Month Facts. It’s a Tumblr blog, and we’d appreciate it if you followed us on there. Some of you who follow on Twitter will already be aware of the blog, as well as […]

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On ‘sexy’ accents

In the course of my job, I have been invited to speak on radio programmes, about subjects that I have some knowledge of. I’ll be honest, it’s always thrilling – “Me? Really? YOU REALLY LIKE ME!” – and appeals to the inner social retard Hollywood has convinced me exists deep inside. Anyway, after one such […]

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Black Thursdays*: The London riots, me on NPR and ‘whitewashing’ the clean ups

We’ve all been glued to the internet and our TV screens for the last few days, watching as London seemingly imploded. So many voices have piped up with opinions (like areseholes, we’ve all got one) and they range from the ‘WTF?’ (see Max Hastings in Daily Mail – highlights include references to polar bears, wild […]

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YorubaGirl at A&E: A Saga in Ten Tweets

Last Monday night, I left my parents’ house in quite a bit of pain – the left side of my back was in agony – shooting pains that got worse every time I attempted a deep breath. My dad insisted he follow me to the hospital, but I convinced him – finally, at the bus […]

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Please Help Save ACLT

The African Caribbean Leukaemia Trust (ACLT) is in trouble. You can read all about them and the work that they do here, but what is even more important is that you help if you can. You can do so in a number of ways, but the easiest methods are to: Text ‘ACLT’ to 70300 to […]

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First Night: The Family

I loved The Family. Seriously, check my Twitter feed – I live-blogged the whole thing. The first episode centred around the 60th birthday of dad Sunday and all the things that revolve around such a momentous occasion. In this case, there was the baking and icing of several cakes, preparing for a special church outing […]

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Meet The (Nigerian) Family

Returning tonight on Channel 4 is the third series of their documentary, The Family. This one follows the adventures of the Adesinas from Hackney (insert postcode whoop here). I’ve only seen a few episodes of previous series (series 1 had a white British family, season 2 a British Asian one), but I really enjoyed what […]

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The H-Factor

One word in the name of this blog flummoxes many non-Nigerians. What does Yoruba mean? I’ll tell you. It’s the name of a tribe in Nigeria (which presents the highest dizygotic twinning rate in the world, FYI) and it also a language. To my ears, the comedy ‘Nigerian accent’ so many non-Nigerian comics aim for […]

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I am currently sitting at my desk in my cosy flat, feet encased in woollen socks and fluffy slippers, a tatty purple shawl/poncho about my shoulders, and a hot water bottle in my lap. My thighs feel like they’re on fire – it is a highly pleasurable sensation. A toffee apple candle my sister bought […]

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I’m A Finalist Again, Baby!

You guys. 2010 keeps on giving! I have been selected as a finalist in the Blogger of the Year category at the Precious Awards! In answer to Drake’s question: Yeah. I’m fancy. Like I said, fancy. The Precious Awards celebrate the achievements of women of colour, and I honoured that they have found me and […]

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The Friday Pretty: Best Of British

I beg your forgiveness, readers. Last week, in the throes of a ridiculously busy Friday, I realised my error – I did not post a Friday Pretty! Thankfully, you guys aren’t backwards in coming forwards and a few hurt, upset and frankly bewildered emails came through. Please feel free to blame Virgin Media, who reneged […]

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In Which YorubaGirl Goes To An Army Ball

I have a sort-of ‘Bucket List’. You know, things I’d like to do before I kick the metaphorical bucket. It’s not heavily defined, in as much as it isn’t written down anywhere. I guess you could call it more of a Bucket List mentality. It means that if there’s something I have never thought of […]

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