On hairdressers and dancing mermaids

“I’m so/fabulous/yeah you know wha’ I mean” I love this video. Here are two little black girls, talking about their passion for dancing, and how it makes them feel, and what they want to do with it. “I’ll describe my dancing like … powerful and just hardcore,” says B-girl Terra. “I’ll describe my dancing as […]

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RIP Maya Angelou: Queen of Badassery

There are people on the public stage, who we might think of as celebrities, whatever their field. Their life’s work becomes our life’s consumption. And over the course of years – or shorter periods that take on the significance and weight of years via the shortcuts of strife and pain – we get to feeling […]

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On ‘Black Girl Feels’


Last week, my Tumblr dashboard threw up a teaser promo for Solange Knowles’ upcoming single, Losing You. I watched the clip (less than a minute long) three times in a row, liking what I heard and saw much more with each viewing. Then I re-read the blurb an earlier poster, Britticisms had written: Preview for the new […]

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