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Getting to ‘carefree’ – it takes work

Our Holy Solange - Carefree Black Girl patron saint

Earlier this year, I was talking with a friend who is a writer about something she was working on, something which is a labour of real and deep love. You don’t need to know anything at this point other than its lead is a black girl and as always, I am here for black girls, […]

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RIP Maya Angelou: Queen of Badassery

Maya 2

There are people on the public stage, who we might think of as celebrities, whatever their field. Their life’s work becomes our life’s consumption. And over the course of years – or shorter periods that take on the significance and weight of years via the shortcuts of strife and pain – we get to feeling […]

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PLUG: Selfridges Beauty Project


So, listen. What you are about to witness is a blatant show of plugging. Look away now of this offends your eyes/sensibilities.   Right, details.

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Being Mary Jane, or onscreen black girls


A few weeks ago, I was very kindly invited by the good people at BET to a screening of their new original drama, Being Mary Jane, starring the talented and ageless Gabrielle Union. After nibbles and drinks in one of the bars in the Soho Hotel, we settled into one of the screening rooms to […]

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On ‘Black Girl Feels’


Last week, my Tumblr dashboard threw up a teaser promo for Solange Knowles’ upcoming single, Losing You. I watched the clip (less than a minute long) three times in a row, liking what I heard and saw much more with each viewing. Then I re-read the blurb an earlier poster, Britticisms had written: Preview for the new […]

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