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On lateness, and priorities


Hey, blog-friends. How’s tricks? It’s just over a month since I was last on these pages, and I can only apologise. What caused this unplanned hiatus? Nothing special, not really. I’ve had a lot of work (paid-for, demanding) on, plus I’ve tried to be a more social creature, trying to touch other 3-D human beings […]

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Four years deep

obama 2

This month marks four years of writing and posting stuff at Yoruba Girl Dancing. Much to the happiness of my ego, you have read these entries, following from that initial wordpress.com URL to this swanky ‘proper’ site. Some of you are regulars (hi!), some wander in by accident, via Google Images, or one of the places […]

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How I Became A (Secret) Hair Blogger


I mentioned that I went natural back in January 2011. I cut off all my relaxed hair, bought a shit-ton of hoop earrings and became an advocate of eyebrow threading. I also began to watch a hell of a lot of YouTube videos about caring for and styling natural hair. I began to collect photos […]

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Gettin’ In The Way…

No two ways about it, I’ve been pretty terrible about posting this past month. No Friday Pretty, no random side-eye London encounter, no essays, nothing. What can I say? Life got in the way. A snapshot of that life below: In summary: shoes! lots of nail varnish, a bit of ankle as the weather turned […]

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A Note On Output

After the Commonwealth Lecture given by Chimamnda Ngozi Adichie at the Guildhall a couple of weeks back that I was introduced to someone. “We were just speaking about you,” said the person making the introduction, as she tapped another woman on the shoulder. The woman turned to me. “You’re funny!” she said. “When are you going […]

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Presented Without Comment…

…well, no comment except this:

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Hey Ya!

Is it too late to wish people a happy new year? Tough. HAPPY NEW YEAR, READERS! (here, have some Matt Bomer looking into the future, dreamily.) Listen, there was a bit of a kerfuffle in the media at the beginning of the year, and that meant I was less able to perform my blogging duties. […]

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Side Project – Alternative Black History Month Facts

Hey guys! For the month of October, my friend @RubyA_79 and I are running a small side project called Alternative Black History Month Facts. It’s a Tumblr blog, and we’d appreciate it if you followed us on there. Some of you who follow on Twitter will already be aware of the blog, as well as […]

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I’m Baaaack!

Come to Mama, my lovelies! “But YorubaGirl!” you cry. “What have you been doing all this time?” Look, readers. I don’t like to blow my own trumpet, but perhaps you heard about the closing of a little newspaper called the News of the World? Yeah – I had nothing to do with that. *taps nose* […]

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Hey, Remember What Rachel Said To Ross?

You’ve all no doubt noted my increasingly erratic schedule when it comes to posting on Yoruba Girl Dancing. Remember when I used to post three or four times a week? Yeah, me neither. I can only apologise and ask that you forgive me. Things have become quite hectic work-wise (as my various work plugs will […]

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New Year, New You Same Old You, But With Better PR

January brings – along with the bad weather – ridiculous and inherently human optimism. We join the gym in droves, we buy expensive kit to work out with/in. We buy books promising to lead us onto a new path of plenty, less stress and enchanted love. We swear off booze, fags, drugs and cheese. We […]

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2010: Don’t Look Back In Anger…

2010 is almost at an end, so let’s take stock, eh? A summary of a year in the life of Yoruba Girl Dancing [It's link-heavy, I warn you]: In January, I got interested in code-switching, enjoyed Clueless and Cupcakes and expounded on the joys of pub quizzes. February saw me get trapped in a lift […]

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I’m A Finalist Again, Baby!

You guys. 2010 keeps on giving! I have been selected as a finalist in the Blogger of the Year category at the Precious Awards! In answer to Drake’s question: Yeah. I’m fancy. Like I said, fancy. The Precious Awards celebrate the achievements of women of colour, and I honoured that they have found me and […]

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Black Fridays: What Is This? Satire As Written By John Mayer?

Today, in which Blackness is exponentially multiplied (Black History Month launches and Nigeria is 50 today as well), it’s time to dust down the skirt and blouse, the pestle and mortar for pounded yam, the Supermalt, Samuel L F***ing Jackson himself. You know why? COS IT’S BLACK FRIDAY, BABY!  On Thursday, the rage of a thousand […]

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I’m A Finalist, Baby!

You remember how I asked you all very nicely to nominate my blog at the Black Weblog Awards? Well, yesterday afternoon I received a message via Vex In The City that this here blog had made it to the Finalist stage! That’s right, Yoruba Girl Dancing has been nominated at the Black Weblog Awards in the category […]

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