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Good Hair at The Ritzy: Part I

The Ritzy Cinema in Brixton has been enjoying some Hollywood star power recently. Last Friday night, it hosted the premiere of Tyler Perry (sigh)’s movie, Why Did I Get Married Too, with the director and one of the stars, Janet Jackson, in attendance. Imagine – a red carpet in Brixton! Anyway, last night I went to the […]

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56 Days, People! 56 Days!

I spent a disproportionate amount of time last week looking for Christmas gifts. No, I’m not completely cray-cray for Crimbo – it was for work, compiling a gift guide to rival all gift guides, for all budgets, for all personalities. It was exhausting looking at all manner of pretty, quirky or cool things – the constant […]

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The Lost Art Of Suggestion

After a hiatus of about 3 years, I returned to Choice FM as the default station in my bedroom (Radio 4 remains constant – like the White Cliffs of Dover - in the kitchen, forever and ever, Amen.) Immediately, I fell back in love with the station, hearing all the various islands of the Caribbean in […]

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Black Fridays: GOBAMA!

It’s Friday! (Try to imagine that in the voice of Noddy Holder, lead singer of Slade, at the beginning of their soon-to-be ubiquitous Christmas classic, I Wish It Could Be Christmas Everyday.) Happy Friday, and welcome to another installment of Black Fridays: Cos the week ain’t Black enough! I’ll admit I didn’t quite know what to […]

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Unveiling Black Fridays: A New Friday Feature

Happy Friday, everyone! It seems like everyone has a new and exciting Friday Feature – the granddaddy of the microblogs, Twitter – follow me, validate me! – is doing it on a global scale with more than half of its top trending topics on a Friday being established Friday Features. In that vein, I too will […]

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Hair Today…

Black hair, in the manner of male model Hansel, is so hot right now. There’s Chris Rock’s documentary, Good Hair, in which the comedian tackles issues like ‘nappy’ (read coarse and thick) and ‘good’ (read soft coils) hair. Halle Berry will be shaving her head to star in Nappily Ever After, a title which will bewilder many […]

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Hair & The YorubaGirl

I was walking down Oxford Street on my way to drinks with a friend when I was accosted by a man, saying “Sister!” urgently. “Hey girl,” this man said. “You look like you take care of yourself; where do you get your hair done?” In an effort not to engage too much – I was, […]

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