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Meet The Adebanjos (Hopefully Unrelated To The Crouches)

Cast your minds back to 2003 – President Obama was still just a gleam in the American public’s eye, Martha Stewart was indicted, and the BBC gave us a new sitcom about a black family in south London. The buzz of the last item of news was quickly stamped out by the limp reality. The […]

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Pretty Is As Pretty Does

As seems to be the custom nowadays, I find myself watching telly with Twitter by my side. Last Wednesday, I settled in to watch Ugly Betty – which totes re-hit its stride just as they cancelled it – and watched as Betty met and eventually dated a very handsome playwright, Zachary Boule (Aaron Tveit). After […]

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FOTC – So Hot They’re Making Me Sexist

Continuing the theme of May i.e. The Month of Lovely Things on Yoruba Girl Dancing, I did a lovely thing on Monday night. I went to see one of my favourite bands in the whole world, Flight of the Conchords, live in concert for the first time. I love them. I know people say that all […]

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It's Funny Cos It's (Probably) True

Last week, I mentioned that my current temp job allows me to listen to the radio as I work. I tend to favour comedy and music shows in my earphones, which often results in smothered giggles and untoward snorts. The fabulous BBC iPlayer - which along with anything Sir David Attenborough presents is worth my license fee – […]

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Tiny Venues & Interesting Loos

It’s very easy to bash the great city of London. To be fair, there’s quite a lot to bash if you’re that way inclined – it can be dirty, smelly, expensive and sometimes, it’s so far up its own trendy backside, you can actually taste pavement. Occasionally though, you go out, you have a great night, […]

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Banjos, Ballet, Black Yoghurt and Bloggers

I was very much the culture vulture this past week, darlings, as I took in, among others, some comedy, blogging bonding time and the very different delights of grown men plucking strings as well as in codpieces and flesh-coloured tights. Ooo er, missus! My palpitations have only just calmed down…

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Are Hoodies Impregnating Your Pensioners?

Oh Lord. I just had about 20 minutes of joyous, uncomplicated fun. Nah, not that kind of fun, but pretty damn close in terms of overall satisfaction and reaching for a post-event fag. It’s an oldie but a goodie; I just played the most awesome of all awesome things: The Daily Mail-o-matic. I was alerted to […]

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YorubaGirl and the Long-Haired Comedian

My friend J offered me the pleasure of his delightful company as well as a ticket to see a comedian at the O2 Arena in London. I was only too happy to accept his invitation – I am in a social funk at the moment, and was beginning to feel like a pariah, plus I […]

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Putting A Ring On It – Naija Style

I lazed around the house today, making the most of the benevolence of the Easter Bank Holiday. Between eating my weight in junk food and washing my hair, I came across this video on Facebook. I don’t know if it’s because of the high sugar content in my blood, but I’ve been chuckling to myself […]

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