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The Friday Pretty : Animated Characters

You cannot imagine how apologetic I am that I have not posted a Friday Pretty for so long. I have had messages on Facebook, on Twitter and even on BBM – and I get it. You guys love The Friday Pretty and you hate to see it go AWOL. Me too, and so I urge […]

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The Friday Pretty: Crushes Of The Week

Hi, kids. How has your week been? Horribly cold? Weather wretched? Yes, me too. Which is why we’re all grateful that it’s Friday, amirite? Yes, yes – it’s that time of the week when we allow ourselves to indulge in fantasies of the weekend to come. Fantasies may vary, but they’ll usually involve booze, big […]

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The Friday Pretty: Hipsters

A short one for you all today, soz. Like last week, I struggled for a theme. But then an article about hating hipsters made me think; in the middle of all this loose hate, surely there must be some hipsters we like? Personally, though I mock mercilessly, I’m all for hipsters. They’re having fun with […]

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The Friday Pretty: Crushes of the Week

This week’s Friday Pretty is a personal ode to my various pervs this week. The theme is loose, sure, but the pretty, like The Force™, is strong. Happy Friday! First up, soon to be Spiderman, and owner of the most bouffant hair I’ve ever lusted after. It’s Andrew Garfield:

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Why I Love… Glasses

To correct my shortsightedness, I got my first pair of glasses – a comically large aviator style – when I was 11 years old. They were hideous: tinted, too big for my face and wholly inappropriate for a child. I remember YorubaDad laughing when he first saw me in them. But credit to him, he did […]

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Srsly, U Guys? SRSLY?

I can’t believe someone got paid actual legal tender, i.e. money – and not, you know, potatoes – for this piece I spotted over on Yahoo! earlier today. When I saw the title – 10 surprising signs that they’re interested - my left eye began to twitch; a sign akin to Peter Parker’s spidey senses tingling. By the time I’d finished […]

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The 'Special' Relationship

I was home from work yesterday, thanks to the overzealous actions of a dicky tummy. The blanket of snow outside did not exactly inspire a stiff upper lip either, so there I was, hot water bottle clutched to my belly and BBC News on the the idiot box. Predictably, the news channels were all in […]

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Lynda Bellingham, known to my generation primarily as the Oxo Mum, but now a regular on Loose Women and a Strictly Come Dancing contestant, is a bit of an unlikely role model for me. I’ll tell you why. While interviewing someone on the aforementioned – and by the by, utterly atrocious – Loose Women, she delivered […]

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Why I Love… The Princess Bride

I remember watching Robin Hood: Men in Tights, aged about 12, while on holiday from boarding school, and falling head over heels in love with Robin Hood himself, actor Cary Elwes. Shortly afterwards, I watched The Princess Bride and the focus of my crush shifted – I fell in love with a movie, and I haven’t looked […]

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Reasons to Love Wikipedia

Last weekend, I went to see (500) Days of Summer at the cinema with my good friend J (who’s moving to my neighbourhood soon – yay!). The reasons were many-fold. I’d heard much of this new movie; Jezebel reviewed it in its inimitable style, I like the Deschanel family performers – Emily co-stars alongside ex-TV vampire […]

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Cinema – The Final Frontier

On Monday night, I went to see Star Trek. I accessorised with my brother D1, and my sister, A. To this already heady mix, I added chocolate minstrels, milk bottle glasses – the better to observe with – and a Cheshire cat smile. Resisting the urge to (almost!) salute at my reflection, I left the house. […]

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YorubaGirl & The Inappropriate Crush

So I just got back from seeing 17 Again. It feels wrong to even type that sentence. I, a woman in her mid-twenties, just went to see 17 Again. Three days after it’s release. At the cinema. We can glean some information from this raw data. I like movies. I like comedies. I like age-swap […]

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