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First Night: The Family

I loved The Family. Seriously, check my Twitter feed – I live-blogged the whole thing. The first episode centred around the 60th birthday of dad Sunday and all the things that revolve around such a momentous occasion. In this case, there was the baking and icing of several cakes, preparing for a special church outing […]

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Meet The (Nigerian) Family

Returning tonight on Channel 4 is the third series of their documentary, The Family. This one follows the adventures of the Adesinas from Hackney (insert postcode whoop here). I’ve only seen a few episodes of previous series (series 1 had a white British family, season 2 a British Asian one), but I really enjoyed what […]

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What a Difference A Year Makes

This time last year, I was in Nigeria, coming down from the high of my high school reunion and gently simmering in the sub-Saharan heat. Today, I am in north London; the weather’s hardly blazing and the most exciting thing on my social calendar is a visit to my threader’s at the weekend. My blog, […]

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YorubaSis – A Birthday Tribute

Apparently, my big sister wanted me to be a boy. She enquired with her two-and-half year old lisp, “When can I thee my baby bwuther?” over and over until she and my dad were brought through to gaze upon my bad-tempered newborn face. There is no family story that details her subsequent disappointment at my gender. […]

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Jollofing It Up

A couple of days ago, I woke up with a dream lingering in my head and the distinct aroma of spices in my nostrils. Later that day, I went to see my Ma and Pa, and to be held in the cushiony bosom of family for a while. I was richly rewarded.

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