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Bim Does Berlin: Food, Glorious German Food!


Like dreams, food—the description and study of—is only interesting to the person it directly concerns. When you start the analysis of something that literally no one wants to hear, look closely into the eyes of the person you’re talking to. There, clear as day, will be the manifestation of the internet acronym “TL;DR”. No one […]

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Good For Consumption

A simple invitation to dinner is always a turning point in my friendships. It is when I reveal the complex knot of food neuroses I have collected over the years, which means it is the point where I either alienate a friend or find a kindred spirit. And so, I’ve written a short essay about […]

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I Used To Be A Pomegranate*, Now I’m A Caravaggio

I find it hard to believe that anyone has ever looked at their body and thought, “Yup, I resemble a pear”. If your body type does not fall into the traditional fruit bowl, (big up the mangoes!) worry no more. Australian bra firm Triumph is campaigning for a total rehaul of the ‘fruit as women’s […]

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Have You Hated Yourself Today?

A couple of ads have caught my eye this week, and I wanted to talk through my thoughts with you. You’re welcome. The first ad was from Ryvita. A table of four professional-looking women sit down to eat what looks like lunch and engage in a conversation about what they’d change about their bodies. So […]

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Coconut Cupcake Crazy!

Last weekend saw the last Bank Holiday Weekend of the year till Christmastime. Allow that to sink in, won’t you? That’s it, basically. Unless you have some allocated holiday time still unused, all you traditionally employed people are looking at about 14 weeks of non-stop work, save the occasional cheeky duvet day most of us […]

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Eating My Feelings

On Monday night, filled with angst from the 9-5, I came home in a huff, and fell into the welcoming arms of food. If I could not resolve that which plagued me in the workplace, I would seek refuge in the cracking of eggs, in the mashing of banana, the sieving of flour and the fiery heat […]

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The Month of Lovely Things

When I got published in the Guardian at the beginning of this month, I unofficially christened this May as The Month of Lovely Things. As such, I hope to document all the lovely things that I am engaged in this month, as well leaving out the truly crappy things. Let’s begin with last weekend, when […]

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Tiny Venues & Interesting Loos

It’s very easy to bash the great city of London. To be fair, there’s quite a lot to bash if you’re that way inclined – it can be dirty, smelly, expensive and sometimes, it’s so far up its own trendy backside, you can actually taste pavement. Occasionally though, you go out, you have a great night, […]

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1776 And All That

Thanks to a 1996 summer blockbuster starring Will Smith, Bill Pullman and Jeff Goldblum, lots of people have come to believe that the Fourth of July celebrations centre around an angry, destructive alien race’s desire to wipe out human civilisation. Not so, movie fans. It’s when America celebrates her independence from the Kingdom of Great […]

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