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Why I Love… Awkward Black Girl

Do you harbour fantasies of being the greatest dancer at the party even though all evidence suggests otherwise? Do you stare at your co-workers, incredulous, because you have no idea how to connet with such cretins? Do you hate your boss, but channel your work-based rage into offensive gangsta rap lyrics? Do you often find […]

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You Better Call Tyrone…

I just read a sequence of tweets which had me crying with laughter. They came from the feed of @BabylonSista, who you should follow if you’re on Twitter. Enjoy: So, my little sister was about 4 yrs old & just getting into Xmas. She was being rowdy & Dad told her to calm down or […]

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Finding Neverland

Hark! Gather ye round, children. For it is that time again, just like the previous time, and just like the time before that. I have been lovingly collating this information since the last time, and now, we shall dive, headfirst and fully clothed, into the shallow pool of search terms that have brought the teeming masses […]

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It's Funny Cos It's (Probably) True

Last week, I mentioned that my current temp job allows me to listen to the radio as I work. I tend to favour comedy and music shows in my earphones, which often results in smothered giggles and untoward snorts. The fabulous BBC iPlayer - which along with anything Sir David Attenborough presents is worth my license fee – […]

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"She's Sensible. He Just Loves Fame."

Overheard on a train to Ilford, between two ladies of a certain vintage. “Whatever happened to Richard and Judy?” “Well, Judy’s writing a book, ain’t she? Cos she’s sensible. But that Richard” – shakes head – “he just loves fame. Their daughter, too.” Uttered as fact, and lapped up by a shamelessly eavesdropping YorubaGirl.

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In Which My 'Wit' is Rendered Redundant

I was at my hairdresser’s the other week for a retouch appointment. That’s right, I gave in to the relaxer ‘cult’ as a child dammit, and so any longer than nine weeks between treaments and my hair starts to feel insecure. This manifests itself as bad behaviour i.e. disregarding my every request and sitting petulantly in […]

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Funny Haha, Funny Hmm…

A while back, maybe a couple of years ago, in the cartoon slot of Friday’s g2 news magazine, in The Guardian, I saw something that made me laugh out loud on a crowded Tube carriage. It was a comic, featuring the photograph of a toddler holding a phone and looking into the middle distance. Over three panels, […]

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…in Superdrug in Angel, north London between a truculent toddler and his frazzled-but-smiling mum. “Why? Why do we have to join the queue? WHY?!” “Because we’re British. It’s what we do, James.” Quite right.

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Reasons to Love Wikipedia

Last weekend, I went to see (500) Days of Summer at the cinema with my good friend J (who’s moving to my neighbourhood soon – yay!). The reasons were many-fold. I’d heard much of this new movie; Jezebel reviewed it in its inimitable style, I like the Deschanel family performers – Emily co-stars alongside ex-TV vampire […]

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