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Bim Does Berlin: I


Yesterday was my full first day in Berlin. I discovered that I have a cold, that I am woefully unfit (ssshhh – this is not exactly breaking news), and that I did not pack an umbrella, having left mine at the fancy London restaurant where we had our farewell dinner. I bought that basic black […]

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At Year End, A Look Back

Everything happened this year. Revolutions, riots, dictator deaths, economic crises, royal weddings, the release of Captain America, featuring Chris Evans’ giant pecs, Kelly Rowland and a selection of wigs appeared on a painfully mediocre X-Factor, , a fictional Prime Minister boffed a pig, and I cut off all my hair… I could go on, but […]

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The Big Chop

In January this year, I cut off most of my hair. I’d been relaxing it pretty constantly since I was 14 [I had a mild punk phase and shaved it off. Let's just say that particular haircut caused my mother to say scornfully, "You look like a boy. An ugly boy" and leave it at […]

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Why I Love… To-Do Lists

Over time, I have evolved – no, regressed – into the disorganised slattern I am today. Family stories have me, aged 4, tutting and calmly replacing ornaments on the mantle as my pregnant-and-in-labour mother threw things in the oblivious pain of her contractions. I was the master organiser, tongue between teeth in concentration, finding a […]

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All’s Fair In Love and Internships

Last night, I caught Who Gets The Best Jobs? on BBC2. The epg on my cheapo Freeview box gave the following synopsis: “Richard Bilton investigates how class continues to restrict access to professions and well-paid careers to a small exclusive pool of the well-connected in modern Britain.” I couldn’t not watch this.

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The Do-Over

Walking around the John Lewis school uniform department last Sunday, my sister and I got to talking about what we would change about our school years. There were lots on my part – much as I loved my boarding school experience in Nigeria, I would’ve left earlier if it meant easier integration into an east […]

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Settling In

Apologies for the recent silence. As I explained last Friday, I moved house on Saturday. The following day I collapsed, exhausted, in between bouts of frantic floor scrubbing, intensive clothes folding and manic hoovering. On Sunday evening, delirious with tiredness, I had myself a little self-pitying cry. I ache from the tips of my hair to […]

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Get Shorty

“I looked all through my mind for memories of you. Unable to find any, I had to take your word for it that you were my father.” – Sean Hill (via @VeryShortStory), March 2, 2010 I only recently discovered the very cool Twitter feed of Very Short Story (@VeryShortStory), written by Sean Hill, an American writer based in […]

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Post-Birthday World

It was my birthday last Friday, and I was inundated with good wishes – I’m very lucky to have people who love and care for me so much. Do you remember how I lamented that 27 was such a non-age and all that? Well, for such a non-age, it kicked some serious ass. Many lovely things happened in […]

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100 Posts And Counting…

This blog is 100 posts old today. Now let me refer to the lovely and oft-misquoted Sally Field: “You like me! Right now, you like me!” Seriously though, at the risk of sounding like cutprice Oscarbait/crappy Alanis Morrisette, thank you. I can scarcely believe things have been going for this amount of posts. Particularly as when my […]

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T Minus 6: YorubaGirl's Holiday

Hola! I’ve begun packing. And panicking. I’m not the most organised of people – at the best of times I barely get by and when I do, it’s down to the crack team of organised lovelies I keep around me at all times – and this time I’m suffering. I bought the suitcase; it’s a lovely, large […]

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The Unnatural Pull of True Blood

Lately, I’ve been resisting the urge to speak in a Louisiana drawl and wear incredibly short shorts. It’s the beginning stages of a new and possibly unhealthy addiction. An addiction to British TV’s latest HBO import, True Blood. I like pop culture vampires – Angel (or Angelus when he’s bad), Spike, I love ‘em . […]

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I want to ride my bicycle, BI-CYCLE!

I belong to a seemingly exclusive club. Most people tend to react with surprise when they find that I’m a member and many think I’m joking. Only a few confess haltingly that, they too, are members of my club. My name is YorubaGirl, and I can’t ride a bike. Altogether now: “Hello, YorubaGirl.” I had […]

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Are You There Blog? It's Me, YorubaGirl

Hola Kids, So this is my new blog. It’s terribly passe, I know, but I am immeasurably excited by this. No judgements, please. I am swotting up on exactly how these hoo-has work, so if you spot mistakes etc, be kind, then let me know, so I can correct them. I aim to update regularly, […]

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