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Bratwurst: my (stereotypical) reality from October

Well, I got it. I GOT THE JOURNALISM FELLOWSHIP I APPLIED FOR LAST MONTH! I’m off to Germany for a coupla months, friends, and I am dead chuffed. Thanks to the lovely people who wished me luck on here, and thanks to the selection panel who saw in my application what I hoped they would […]

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Freelancer’s Prayer for 2013


In the name of the Printing Press, the Commissioning Editor and The Glorious Sub, Please, let someone get pregnant this year. Let someone take a lengthy sabbatical. Let someone decide to retrain as a teacher or hairdresser because it’s what they’ve always wanted to do. Let someone take some time away to finish That Book. […]

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In My Bag

At the risk of sounding like a media wanker, I often get emails from young and/or aspiring journalists asking me for general advice on getting into journalism. Because they have sought my wise words, I get to rant about how things have changed since I was a young ‘un (I still am, I guess, but […]

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Another thing I wrote for The Guardian, about Men’s Health‘s new feminist blogger here, for your ease and my ego. You love it. (Right?)

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All’s Fair In Love and Internships

Last night, I caught Who Gets The Best Jobs? on BBC2. The epg on my cheapo Freeview box gave the following synopsis: “Richard Bilton investigates how class continues to restrict access to professions and well-paid careers to a small exclusive pool of the well-connected in modern Britain.” I couldn’t not watch this.

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A plug…

… I did a piece on race and online dating for the UK Guardian, which you can read here. There’s a photo and everything.

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The Ravages Of Unemployment

I just had a simple pasta dinner, and enjoyed a rousing episode of University Challenge. I shouted my answers (often wrong) at the telly, and filled the kettle for a hot water bottle. So far, so Monday night. The difference tonight lay in the exhaustion brought on by a full working day, in an actual office, […]

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