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On teeth, nails, and hair

Ms Ross

I finally got my tooth implant after a too-long period of wearing a denture (one day, I will write about this feeling). Before the crown was put in, I had a bone graft in my upper jaw, and a titanium dental root was drilled in. The pain is indescribable. I cried all through the surgery, […]

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Guten Tag!

Bratwurst: my (stereotypical) reality from October

Well, I got it. I GOT THE JOURNALISM FELLOWSHIP I APPLIED FOR LAST MONTH! I’m off to Germany for a coupla months, friends, and I am dead chuffed. Thanks to the lovely people who wished me luck on here, and thanks to the selection panel who saw in my application what I hoped they would […]

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Getting to “no is okay”

just do it

Last week, I applied for a journalism programme in Germany. I’ve never been to Germany, not even to visit my sister who lived there for a few months many years ago. My German vocabulary extends to “schadenfreude”, “bitte” and “bratwurst”, but luckily, I don’t need to be fluent for this position. If I get it, […]

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“You’re buggin’ me/and don’t you see it ain’t cool”


Earlier this week a friend and I went to the cinema. We were there early, so we sat in the bar, catching up on our respective weeks: among other things, we had both become adherents of ‘clean eating’ (mostly wanky smoothies and lots more veg, as far as I can see). There was a lot […]

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On lateness, and priorities


Hey, blog-friends. How’s tricks? It’s just over a month since I was last on these pages, and I can only apologise. What caused this unplanned hiatus? Nothing special, not really. I’ve had a lot of work (paid-for, demanding) on, plus I’ve tried to be a more social creature, trying to touch other 3-D human beings […]

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If Summer Never Comes: A Playlist


You guys. YOU GUYS. Is this the worst summer ever? Let me summarise all your angry, inarticulate thoughts: it is, yes. I am the ‘palest’ I’ve been for May in my life, and I have forgotten what my bare legs looks like. I am constantly tense. I have not sneakily perved on boys from behind […]

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An Almost-Meet-Cute In 15 Tweets

Tweet 1

On Sunday night, I went to see author Taiye Selasi read from and talk about her new novel, Ghana Must Go. She was ace – witty and warm. Also she’s a stone fox, with the deep brown complexion and cheekbones of a goddess. I got to ask a question (yeah!), and she smiled at me […]

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Everyone has their thing

VLUU L200  / Samsung L200

Here’s a little something I had in the drafts of my Tumblr for the longest time. I finally finished it and clicked ‘publish’. It’s below the jump, giving you one last chance to turn and run, should you wish to hurt my feelings – OMG, why would you do that?

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File it under ‘B’… For ‘BAMF’


As I write this, I feel as light as a feather. Because this year, I finished filing my tax return over the course of three days. It’s a record for me. Sure, I still had time for an emotional cry, a couple of yelps of frustration at HMRC’s seemingly deliberate opacity when it comes to […]

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The Best of 2012


Remember last year, when I did a brief look back at the year just gone? You do? Super, because we’re doing that again (spoiler: I didn’t get a dog – boo). My word for the year? Easy. It’s ‘lipstick’. Listen. You could walk away from this post right now because that’s the major take-home from […]

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Birthday Traditions

happy bimday

Yesterday was my 3oth birthday. I did nothing special – I didn’t even shower until about 4 o’clock. The night before, on a whim, I went to the cinema – alone – to see Skyfall. I sat in the dark with a hundred other people, coat in my lap, watching people pretend to beat and […]

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Paris Is For Lovers Singles Everyone

Last month I travelled to Paris for a few days of R&R. Look, I know relatively speaking, I’m in the world’s top half, earnings, access and amenities-wise. And I know one of the main reasons I’m nearly always broke is because of the career I chose to work in. I get all that. But man, […]

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Talking To Strangers

The scene: 10:30pm, Brixton Station, a couple of weekends ago, waiting for the 133 bus.

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At Year End, A Look Back

Everything happened this year. Revolutions, riots, dictator deaths, economic crises, royal weddings, the release of Captain America, featuring Chris Evans’ giant pecs, Kelly Rowland and a selection of wigs appeared on a painfully mediocre X-Factor, , a fictional Prime Minister boffed a pig, and I cut off all my hair… I could go on, but […]

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What a Difference A Year Makes

This time last year, I was in Nigeria, coming down from the high of my high school reunion and gently simmering in the sub-Saharan heat. Today, I am in north London; the weather’s hardly blazing and the most exciting thing on my social calendar is a visit to my threader’s at the weekend. My blog, […]

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