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“You’re buggin’ me/and don’t you see it ain’t cool”


Earlier this week a friend and I went to the cinema. We were there early, so we sat in the bar, catching up on our respective weeks: among other things, we had both become adherents of ‘clean eating’ (mostly wanky smoothies and lots more veg, as far as I can see). There was a lot […]

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If Summer Never Comes: A Playlist


You guys. YOU GUYS. Is this the worst summer ever? Let me summarise all your angry, inarticulate thoughts: it is, yes. I am the ‘palest’ I’ve been for May in my life, and I have forgotten what my bare legs looks like. I am constantly tense. I have not sneakily perved on boys from behind […]

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An Almost-Meet-Cute In 15 Tweets

Tweet 1

On Sunday night, I went to see author Taiye Selasi read from and talk about her new novel, Ghana Must Go. She was ace – witty and warm. Also she’s a stone fox, with the deep brown complexion and cheekbones of a goddess. I got to ask a question (yeah!), and she smiled at me […]

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Getting Back Into Crush Mode


I live in a small and perfectly formed flat in east London. Yes, I know: a writer who lives in Hackney. In my defence, I do not own a cat (or a sausage dog), I have never left the house with a ‘hipster topknot’, I cannot ride a bike nor do I own one, and […]

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Talking To Strangers

The scene: 10:30pm, Brixton Station, a couple of weekends ago, waiting for the 133 bus.

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“Dear Primark…” A Letter I Never Sent

Hey, y’all. Last week, at a literary night called ‘Letters You Never Sent’, I read out a letter to a roomful of strangers (and a few friends). It was the first time I’ve ever read any of my fiction in public, to a paying audience (eek!) and I enjoyed it very much – thank God […]

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Are The Players Playing?

I’m currently in a job which gives me Fridays off. I’m so grateful for it – as well as having a designated day of non-work writing, it allows me to have a lie-in on a weekday (woo!), and I get to do the necessary-but-boring stuff like paying bills and returning library books.

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PLUG! Broadcasting House, 14 August

I recorded a (very) short piece about the London riots – specifically Hackney – over the weekend. It’s available to listen on the iPlayer until the very precise time of 10:02 on Sunday, 21 August. My ego thanks you.

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Black Thursdays*: The London riots, me on NPR and ‘whitewashing’ the clean ups

We’ve all been glued to the internet and our TV screens for the last few days, watching as London seemingly imploded. So many voices have piped up with opinions (like areseholes, we’ve all got one) and they range from the ‘WTF?’ (see Max Hastings in Daily Mail – highlights include references to polar bears, wild […]

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The Day I Got Kicked In The Street

Yeah, that totally happened. Last Wednesday, I was sitting at a bus stop in east London, waiting for my sister to come get me so I could help with her house move (we were due to to clean the flat’s carpets, cos we’re just this side of OCD). So there I was, late afternoon August […]

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Why I Love… Libraries

It really is this simple: I cannot imagine my life as it is today without libraries. I joined my first library at the age of 4 – when we were doing a massive clearout some time in 2001, we discovered an unreturned library book (sorry!) from 1987. Civic irresponsibility aside, it was one of my […]

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Um, plug?

Morning, all. Last Sunday I was invited into the hallowed halls of Radio 4, to do the newspaper review on Broadcasting House. I was so excited, a little wee may’ve come out. Ahem. I had a lovely time, the other guests – former head of the Arts Council, Sir Christopher Frayling and hynotist and author […]

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YorubaGirl at A&E: A Saga in Ten Tweets

Last Monday night, I left my parents’ house in quite a bit of pain – the left side of my back was in agony – shooting pains that got worse every time I attempted a deep breath. My dad insisted he follow me to the hospital, but I convinced him – finally, at the bus […]

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All’s Fair In Love and Internships

Last night, I caught Who Gets The Best Jobs? on BBC2. The epg on my cheapo Freeview box gave the following synopsis: “Richard Bilton investigates how class continues to restrict access to professions and well-paid careers to a small exclusive pool of the well-connected in modern Britain.” I couldn’t not watch this.

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The Electrician Always Buzzes Twice

Perception is a powerful thing. What we see, and what we think when we look are inextricably linked in the dark and murky recesses of our brains. I was thinking of this last Thursday afternoon, after the fire alarm in my building went off.

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