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On Being A Bit Poor…

For all the things that life can be, what it ultimately is, is relative. Whatever you are and whatever you have can only be measured by what somebody else is, what somebody else has. So, if you have £100 in your pocket, there’s somebody out there with £101, and there’s another with £99. Your position […]

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First Night: The Family

I loved The Family. Seriously, check my Twitter feed – I live-blogged the whole thing. The first episode centred around the 60th birthday of dad Sunday and all the things that revolve around such a momentous occasion. In this case, there was the baking and icing of several cakes, preparing for a special church outing […]

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Meet The (Nigerian) Family

Returning tonight on Channel 4 is the third series of their documentary, The Family. This one follows the adventures of the Adesinas from Hackney (insert postcode whoop here). I’ve only seen a few episodes of previous series (series 1 had a white British family, season 2 a British Asian one), but I really enjoyed what […]

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Talk About Targeted Reading…

Last weekend, I went walking through my neighbourhood. En route to the library, I walked past the man who sells secondhand books outside the Hackney Empire. I gave him and his wares a vague friendly smile and carried on walking, until my eyes alighted on one book in particular. Behold: It was £1. Clearly, I […]

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I am currently sitting at my desk in my cosy flat, feet encased in woollen socks and fluffy slippers, a tatty purple shawl/poncho about my shoulders, and a hot water bottle in my lap. My thighs feel like they’re on fire – it is a highly pleasurable sensation. A toffee apple candle my sister bought […]

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Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater in London

On Wednesday night, I put on a pretty frock and shiny shoes and made my way to Sadler’s Wells, a venue which if it isn’t the home of dance, is at least a favourite hangout of it. I love Sadler’s Wells – it’s so warm and welcoming. And it was especially welcoming this week; I […]

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A Disappearing Number

This week on YGD appears to have unofficially been christened the week of Brown People Entertainment™. I have awesome friends, and so it’s no surprise that a ticket for a terrific play, A Disappearing Number, came into my possession at the weekend. On Monday night, I headed to the Novello Theatre and watched a truly beautiful play […]

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Settling In

Apologies for the recent silence. As I explained last Friday, I moved house on Saturday. The following day I collapsed, exhausted, in between bouts of frantic floor scrubbing, intensive clothes folding and manic hoovering. On Sunday evening, delirious with tiredness, I had myself a little self-pitying cry. I ache from the tips of my hair to […]

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Alone vs. Lonely

Next week, I shall be moving into my new flat. At the moment, I am caught up in the minutiae – packing everything six levels deep, with the top and most accessible layer made up of the things I’ll need immediately – socks, tea, clean pants, deodorant and my radio. But I know that when I move […]

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What a Difference A Year Makes

This time last year, I was in Nigeria, coming down from the high of my high school reunion and gently simmering in the sub-Saharan heat. Today, I am in north London; the weather’s hardly blazing and the most exciting thing on my social calendar is a visit to my threader’s at the weekend. My blog, […]

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Sloane Crosley: Love At First Reading

One of the joys of living in London is that I get to indulge my inner media wanker on a pretty regular basis. She enjoys going to the theatre before loudly and (probably) obnoxiously recounting how good/bad/avant-garde* the staging/lighting/re-interpretation of the text* was. Sometimes, she attends concerts in cramped/poorly ventilated/extremely grand* venues and then pontificates […]

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The Naija Connection

On Friday, when I met up with lovely Jeremy Weate of Naijablog, London was ‘enjoying’ a dry Nigerianesque heat of 30°C. We went to dinner at Manna [4 Erskine Road, Primrose Hill, NW3 3AJ], a vegan restaurant (Europe’s oldest: not killing things to eat since 1967). After dinner we walked up Primrose Hill – a […]

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Total Mirandas

Last weekend, I attended a bachelorette party for my friend, L. No, I haven’t lost my head up my own arse, I say ‘bachelorette’ because she’s American and besides, have you ever heard an American say ‘hen party’? Anyway, we went the classy route – retro bowling in Bloomsbury [All Star Lanes - Victoria House, Bloomsbury Place, […]

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Night At The Museum

A couple of nights ago, I attended a debate at the British Museum entitled Nigeria: Africa’s Superpower? I was there in a journalistic capacity – you can see the fruits of my labour here. Beforehand, I got to wander through the Kingdom of Ife exhibition, which has been hailed as a sensation, exceptional, unmissable and indeed, […]

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Good Hair at The Ritzy: Part I

The Ritzy Cinema in Brixton has been enjoying some Hollywood star power recently. Last Friday night, it hosted the premiere of Tyler Perry (sigh)’s movie, Why Did I Get Married Too, with the director and one of the stars, Janet Jackson, in attendance. Imagine – a red carpet in Brixton! Anyway, last night I went to the […]

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