The Friday Pretty: Crushes of The Week


Hey, boos! It’s been a while, no? Have some Apology Music, from the excellent Alice Smith: Happy Friday. How’ve you been? Has it been a productive week, full of kicking ass and taking names? Hope so. But still, thank goodness it’s over, eh? I like work, don’t get me wrong, but I don’t ‘like like’ […]

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The Friday Pretty: Snow Crushes


Do you know what day it is, kids? Here’s a hint: it’s the one before Saturday, but after Thursday. It is a magical day, one where you can feel the tentacles of the week slowly unfurling. It’s Friday, children! Which means someone has been curating images of exceptionally hot dudes with the express aim of […]

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The Friday Pretty: Football Edition

Spain Training Session

FRIDAY, WOO! Long week? Still recovering from the loss of the Olympics? Well, there are two things to brighten things up your sad post-Games face. First, never fear – the Paralympics are almost here! Secondly, the football season’s back tomorrow! Also, in our increasingly secular age, I am pleased to be able to extend you a […]

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