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The Populist

Around this time last year, I noticed that Love Actually, aka Notting Hill With Added Black People! was a trending topic on Twitter. I’d seen that it was showing on ITV1 that evening, so of course, I clicked the hashtag to see what people were saying about it. Somehow this innocuous little movie manages to divide people as if it […]

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Why I Love… Internet Comment Boards

Like truculent toddlers going through the ‘terrible twos’, internet commenters’ emotions are felt deeply. They are filled with either rage - deep, dark, vitriolic – or the most euphoric nirvana, and they want you, YES YOU, to know it. They want you to know it with the aid of ALL CAPS, EX!!1!CLA!!1M!ATI!!!!!!ON marks, emoticons (:-( :-/ :-S […]

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Are Hoodies Impregnating Your Pensioners?

Oh Lord. I just had about 20 minutes of joyous, uncomplicated fun. Nah, not that kind of fun, but pretty damn close in terms of overall satisfaction and reaching for a post-event fag. It’s an oldie but a goodie; I just played the most awesome of all awesome things: The Daily Mail-o-matic. I was alerted to […]

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Seconds Of Pleasure

As with all genres of music, there are lots of underrated singers out there. Performers who, for whatever reason, have been slept on. There’s an underrated soul/funk/pop singer out there in the ether, who goes by the name of Van Hunt, who is truly something special. One of his excellent songs is called Seconds of […]

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Desperately Seeking YorubaGirl

How did you find this site? Yes, you. Allow me to explain. As a blogger, I am privy to the search terms that you lovely people have used in order to find this, my treasure trove of interwebz goodness. And readers, I have smiled, I have chuckled, I have been confused, I have been unnerved […]

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The Splash Award

I met fellow blogger Ondo Lady from The Musings of Ondo Lady, at a Women’s Library event, where we discovered a shared Yoruba ancestry. So technically, beyond being Blog Sisters, I guess we’re kind of Internet Cousins, no? Anyway, I bring this up in an attempt to quell any would-be accusations of nepotism. Huh? Well, […]

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