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What’s in a name?

Everyone calls me Bim. Everyone. For most of my life that’s what I’ve gone by. Bim. B-I-M. Three letters, one syllable. Bim. When I was concerned by these things, I would lament its cuteness – “that’s not a sexy name,” I would think. I would put on Billy Crystal’s voice and paraphrase his line from […]

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Post-Birthday World

It was my birthday last Friday, and I was inundated with good wishes – I’m very lucky to have people who love and care for me so much. Do you remember how I lamented that 27 was such a non-age and all that? Well, for such a non-age, it kicked some serious ass. Many lovely things happened in […]

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Ile la n’wo ka to somo l’oruko*

I was lucky enough to be schooled in both the UK and Nigeria, and so got a taste of the different ways subjects are taught in both countries. Thankfully, one subject that was not an option at my East London secondary was Yoruba. It was easily my most hated subject at school. I remember pretending […]

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