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10 Things I Hate About You: 15 years and 6,000 words

10 things poster

So, listen. January’s hysterical descent into nostalgia and the depths of unedited self-publishing proved ridiculously, astonishingly popular. This is not false ‘third encore’ modesty. Obviously I believe every keystroke of mine is prize-winning, but I was so pleased and surprised that so many people liked that (half-dissertation length) piece! Seriously, thank you for reading the recap […]

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What we talk about when we talk about ‘tokenism’


Here’s something I’ve been ruminating on for a while, forcibly brought to the forefront of my mind given recent events, so apologies if it’s not terribly coherent. A quick perusal of comments sections across the breadth of the internet throws up the ‘but do you want tokenism?’ defence. I mean, practically every comment section has […]

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On ‘Black Girl Feels’


Last week, my Tumblr dashboard threw up a teaser promo for Solange Knowles’ upcoming single, Losing You. I watched the clip (less than a minute long) three times in a row, liking what I heard and saw much more with each viewing. Then I re-read the blurb an earlier poster, Britticisms had written: Preview for the new […]

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In Praise of Girlfriends

Source All the talk of Lena Dunham’s new show, Girls, has had me looking into the annals (heh) of popular culture, searching for the representation so sorely lacking in Ms Dunham’s HBO creation. So, a quick question: Do any of the names on the t-shirt above ring any bells for you? They should. For eight […]

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Judas in an R’n’B Club

Yesterday my Walkman – no iPods here, thank you very much - threw up a blast from the past – No Doubt’s excellent Just a Girl from their classic 1995 album Tragic Kingdom. On the track, Gwen Stefani sings: “This world is forcing me/To hold your hand… I’m just a girl, all pretty and petite/So don’t let […]

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Black Fridays: We’re Still Using ‘Jungle Fever’? Really?

It’s Friday, I’m Black – it’s Black Friday! First things first – sincere apologies for the brevity of this post, but I am in the process of moving house. My mind seems to have been packed with the rest of my belongings – I have a feeling it’s nestling somewhere between the DVDs and books… […]

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I am very excited to be seeing Inception in less than two weeks. It’s by Christopher Nolan, and stars Leonardo DiCaprio (my 14-year-old self was RIGHT to crush on him!), Joseph Gordon-Levitt (wheee!) and Ellen Page (girl-crush!). Plus, like, a million other awesome people. I have knowingly shied away from reading/watching/listening to anything that might […]

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Immortal Dads

In honour of Father’s Day (So I’m a bit late. Shut up), I got to thinking of the best TV dads out there. Luckily, my dad is amazing. He’s kind, smart, funny and supportive, even when he doesn’t fully agree with whatever the hell I’m doing. I’m not saying he’s flawless – cos he sure as spit […]

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