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While You Were Sleeping, and the Dearth of Working Class Romcom Heroines

Last week I watched While You Were Sleeping, which is but one leaf on my ‘Christmas Movies – Romcoms’ branch. I love this movie. It is cute and funny and genuinely romantic, and it stars Sandra Bullock, a fine actress who has contributed much goodness to the genre. I <3 Sandy, man. And speaking of […]

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A Union of Equals

Huxtables 2

A coincidence facilitated by insomnia, Ramadan and a never-satisfied thirst for pop culture brought me to a YouTube treasure trove of full episodes of one of my favourite shows of all time: The Cosby Show. Listen. The Cosby Show is… everything. And if you don’t know – or perhaps forgot – then you better ask […]

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Oh, hell no!*

*I want you all to imagine that in the sharp tones of authoress Ms Maya Wilkes (played by actress Golden Brooks in much-missed sitcom Girlfriends) Tuesday afternoon’s rain brought with it a thick fug of wild rumours of the demise of the relationship between Will Smith and Jada Pinkett. (And of course, the firm assurances […]

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The More Things Change, The More They Stay The Same

Last week, I clicked a link on The Hairpin, which led me to a 1,000-man survey from the American magazine, Glamour (except they called it the ‘Extra-Hot, Extra-Juicy Guy Survey, obvs). So I went through the 50-page slideshow, stopping and extracting the most interesting answers to me. Below is a small selection of those:

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Friends of Exes: Would You? Could You?

A couple of days ago on Twitter, I clicked a link which took me to the Daily Mail site – boo! hiss! – and specifically a ‘showbiz’ story about professional Pretty Person™ Kelly Brook and her newest beau (only the Mail uses the word ‘beau’, much like The Sun uses ‘love rat’). This guy’s name’s […]

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Black Fridays: What Is This? Satire As Written By John Mayer?

Today, in which Blackness is exponentially multiplied (Black History Month launches and Nigeria is 50 today as well), it’s time to dust down the skirt and blouse, the pestle and mortar for pounded yam, the Supermalt, Samuel L F***ing Jackson himself. You know why? COS IT’S BLACK FRIDAY, BABY!  On Thursday, the rage of a thousand […]

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Srsly, U Guys? SRSLY?

I can’t believe someone got paid actual legal tender, i.e. money – and not, you know, potatoes – for this piece I spotted over on Yahoo! earlier today. When I saw the title – 10 surprising signs that they’re interested - my left eye began to twitch; a sign akin to Peter Parker’s spidey senses tingling. By the time I’d finished […]

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You know how you really, really like someone? And they seem to be into you too? And things progress; you’re happy, they’re happy. You ignore the niggly little things that sometimes always annoy you, cos, well, you like this person, flaws and all. And besides, you have your little neuroses/tics/habits too. Then one day, they’re […]

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Lyrics For The Scorned

The office where I’m temping at is pretty cool considering that it’s another manifestation of you know, The Man Inc.. While the work isn’t the most stimulating I’ve ever done (no offence to the HR specialists, but it is HR), it’s diverting enough. The team I work with is lovely and best of all, I get to […]

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If You Don't Know Me By Now…

At the beginning and end of every new term, my dad would drive my sister and me back and forth from our boarding school. It was a two hour drive, and so we had to make our own fun – sometimes we slept, otherwise we engaged in pointless but fierce battles in the back seat. Mostly […]

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On Being Single And Of Nigerian Descent

When I visited Nigeria recently, I was struck by a few things. For example, I saw that the church near my house that had laid its foundations some time in the 1990s was still uncompleted. I noticed how oppressive heat tends to stifle one’s appetite, and I also noticed that no-one tells you quite how […]

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