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“You’re buggin’ me/and don’t you see it ain’t cool”


Earlier this week a friend and I went to the cinema. We were there early, so we sat in the bar, catching up on our respective weeks: among other things, we had both become adherents of ‘clean eating’ (mostly wanky smoothies and lots more veg, as far as I can see). There was a lot […]

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A Note On Output

After the Commonwealth Lecture given by Chimamnda Ngozi Adichie at the Guildhall a couple of weeks back that I was introduced to someone. “We were just speaking about you,” said the person making the introduction, as she tapped another woman on the shoulder. The woman turned to me. “You’re funny!” she said. “When are you going […]

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The ‘Help News Outlets Realise The Difference Between Rappers and Singers’ Benevolent Fund

With the shock passing of Whitney Houston this past weekend (I wrote something about her for the Guardian here), it’s been the perfect time for the media to showcase their spectacular ignorance/laziness when it comes to the identification of black and ‘urban’ performers.

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“Why Can You Still Feel This?”

Below the jump is an essay about my recent dental surgery. I’ve had three procedures in the last month or so; each one has felt like being stabbed in the face by one of the Nazgûl. My next appointment is in February 2012, when I hope the prognosis will be positive. Who knows, maybe I’ll […]

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“YOU AIN’T BRITISH, YOU’RE BLACK!” – The woman on the tram

I think every black British person on my Twitter timeline had seen the video of the woman who launched into a racist tirade on a tram somewhere in London before noon on Monday morning (watch it here if you fancy topping up your daily dose of rage, avoid if not – it’s pretty vile). A […]

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But I Love Telly!

Dismaying news from Australia this week, as reports reach us of new research published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine. Apparently, “every hour of TV watched after the age of 25 may shorten lifespan by 22 minutes”. #SOULCRY WHY MUST YOU TAKE AWAY THE FEW PLEASURES I HAVE, UNIVERSE?

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The Day I Got Kicked In The Street

Yeah, that totally happened. Last Wednesday, I was sitting at a bus stop in east London, waiting for my sister to come get me so I could help with her house move (we were due to to clean the flat’s carpets, cos we’re just this side of OCD). So there I was, late afternoon August […]

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YorubaGirl at A&E: A Saga in Ten Tweets

Last Monday night, I left my parents’ house in quite a bit of pain – the left side of my back was in agony – shooting pains that got worse every time I attempted a deep breath. My dad insisted he follow me to the hospital, but I convinced him – finally, at the bus […]

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All’s Fair In Love and Internships

Last night, I caught Who Gets The Best Jobs? on BBC2. The epg on my cheapo Freeview box gave the following synopsis: “Richard Bilton investigates how class continues to restrict access to professions and well-paid careers to a small exclusive pool of the well-connected in modern Britain.” I couldn’t not watch this.

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Black Fridays: What’s Race Got To Do With It?

I read a fantastic piece on Jezebel several months back, written by Danielle Belton of The Black Snob. The article was about the tiers of commercial celebrity gossip which exist within mainstream media. Citing the then-recent Alicia Keys/Swizz Beats nuptials, Belton explained why the mainstream media did not mention the controversy surrounding their union – […]

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The Do-Over

Walking around the John Lewis school uniform department last Sunday, my sister and I got to talking about what we would change about our school years. There were lots on my part – much as I loved my boarding school experience in Nigeria, I would’ve left earlier if it meant easier integration into an east […]

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An Open Letter To Black Magazines That Keep Folding In the UK

Dear Black Magazine That Keeps Folding In the UK, I see you, usually through a shop window. More often than not, you’re in WH Smith. I blink. I’ve seen you before; perhaps the last time there was a different woman on you, or maybe you wore a different outfit. Whatever it is, I know it’s […]

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Die, Pollen. DIE.

I’ve been averaging around four hours sleep a night in recent weeks. I have not shacked up with a swarthy chap who likes to you know, do it. I have not discovered a hitherto hidden gift for cat burgling. I have not taken up stargazing as a hobby. I am not insane, nor am I […]

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Uh Oh

Oh, man. Gordon Brown resigns, Nick Clegg goes with the Conservatives, Britain is momentarily without a Prime Minister. David Cameron is our new Prime Minister, Nick Clegg is Deputy Prime Minister. In other news, David Miliband remains strangely hot. Let’s just scratch that last post I wrote a few days ago. Ain’t nothin’ ‘possible’ about […]

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Our Possible New Chinless Overlords

      As of Thursday night, it felt like the bad news wouldn’t stop coming. I tried to distract myself at 10 o’ clock, knowing that the results of the exit polls would not be good. Thankfully, I was occupied by unexpected work [a freelancer's dream!] and my impending deadline gave me enough food for thought. When that finished, I sought refuge on […]

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