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While You Were Sleeping, and the Dearth of Working Class Romcom Heroines

Last week I watched While You Were Sleeping, which is but one leaf on my ‘Christmas Movies – Romcoms’ branch. I love this movie. It is cute and funny and genuinely romantic, and it stars Sandra Bullock, a fine actress who has contributed much goodness to the genre. I <3 Sandy, man. And speaking of […]

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Why I Love… Awkward Black Girl

Do you harbour fantasies of being the greatest dancer at the party even though all evidence suggests otherwise? Do you stare at your co-workers, incredulous, because you have no idea how to connet with such cretins? Do you hate your boss, but channel your work-based rage into offensive gangsta rap lyrics? Do you often find […]

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I Used To Be A Pomegranate*, Now I’m A Caravaggio

I find it hard to believe that anyone has ever looked at their body and thought, “Yup, I resemble a pear”. If your body type does not fall into the traditional fruit bowl, (big up the mangoes!) worry no more. Australian bra firm Triumph is campaigning for a total rehaul of the ‘fruit as women’s […]

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Pretty Is As Pretty Does

As seems to be the custom nowadays, I find myself watching telly with Twitter by my side. Last Wednesday, I settled in to watch Ugly Betty – which totes re-hit its stride just as they cancelled it – and watched as Betty met and eventually dated a very handsome playwright, Zachary Boule (Aaron Tveit). After […]

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Badass Women: Claudette Colvin & Rosa Parks

Today, 55 years ago, Rosa Parks refused to give up her seat on a bus in Montgomery, Alabama. It was an incident that would spark one of the biggest and most well-known chapters in the Civil Rghts Movement. The resulting bus boycott gave us several of the  iconic images of the CRM and Rosa Parks […]

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A Crying Shame

In the course of watching the X Factor results show on Sunday (don’t judge; it’s not like it’s crack), a few people in my Twitter timeline expressed the kind of rage that only has a home on the internet. The source? A contestant’s tears. Specifically, the tweeters’ gripe was that this year’s crop of female […]

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A Quick Thought on The Royal Engagement

In the run up to and even after the wedding of Prince Andrew to Sarah Ferguson, my sister and I would put white pillowcases on our heads and pretend to walk down the aisle, taking turns to be each other’s bridesmaid. It was 1986, and we lived in unenlightened times. Amidst the frenzy that overtook […]

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Black Girls Rock!

On Saturday night(!), I watched Black Girls Rock. I have my issues with BET – this network consistently commissions/buys/broadcasts ig’nant ish, and for that alone, I cannot fully get behind them. But with this, BET did good. Black Girls Rock is a non-profit organisation set up by former model and celebrity DJ Beverly Bond, to […]

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Have You Hated Yourself Today?

A couple of ads have caught my eye this week, and I wanted to talk through my thoughts with you. You’re welcome. The first ad was from Ryvita. A table of four professional-looking women sit down to eat what looks like lunch and engage in a conversation about what they’d change about their bodies. So […]

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Judas in an R’n’B Club

Yesterday my Walkman – no iPods here, thank you very much - threw up a blast from the past – No Doubt’s excellent Just a Girl from their classic 1995 album Tragic Kingdom. On the track, Gwen Stefani sings: “This world is forcing me/To hold your hand… I’m just a girl, all pretty and petite/So don’t let […]

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YGD Public Service Announcement: A Call For A Moratorium On The Term ‘Real Women

The first thing I saw on Twitter on Tuesday morning was a link to a post by Janet Street Porter. The pullquote read: “The fashion world refuses to make clothes to fit real women. Enough is enough.” OK, I thought, I can get behind this. Or I would’ve thought that, if not for the inclusion […]

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The Truth About Cats And Dogs – A Life Lesson

Bored at the weekend, and with a little cash burning a hole in my pocket, I revisited my Amazon.com wishlist. I tend to put things on in fits of activity – lots of childhood favourites like Enid Blyton and all sorts of 90s RnB – and then remove them at leisure when common sense prevails. […]

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Total Mirandas

Last weekend, I attended a bachelorette party for my friend, L. No, I haven’t lost my head up my own arse, I say ‘bachelorette’ because she’s American and besides, have you ever heard an American say ‘hen party’? Anyway, we went the classy route – retro bowling in Bloomsbury [All Star Lanes - Victoria House, Bloomsbury Place, […]

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Be Your Own Hero

I’m floating on a cloud at the time of writing this, and that is down to the directorial debut of Drew Barrymore, Whip It. It’s so good. We went en masse, a gaggle(?) of feminists (what is the collective noun for feminists?), and I temporarily lost the ability to articulate my thoughts upon emerging from the screening […]

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The Women Are Coming…

Hey. Hi. Welcome to March. How you doin’? Settled? Great. Let’s talk WOMEN.

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