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According to IMDb.com, Timothy Olyphant’s nickname is Olafantastic. It makes no difference if this is true or false; it’s pretty much how I think of him. But you know, I really hope it is true; his acting work is always sterling, regardless – or perhaps even in spite of – the accompanying crapness of the vehicle. The man is a powerhouse.

Over on Twitter, it’s become a bit of a joke how much I love him. But for those of you who are unaware, let me bring you up to speed. Fans of Sex and The City – the TV series, not the shiteous movies – may remember him as Carrie’s bit of twenty-something scruff all the way back in Season 1. You may also have seen him as the hilarious Todd in Go (remember when it seemed Katie Holmes as a decent movie actor seemed feasible?). I watched him play the bad guy in Die Hard 4.0 – even just typing that just gave me a little thrill – and among the flotsam and jetsam like Bruce Willis killing a helicopter, I found myself mesmerised by the intensity of Timothy’s stare, the focus of his madness, and the cut of his suit. Oy.

The hotness... it burns.

A few months back, Abby McDonald recommended I watch Catch & Release, one of those weird hybrid chick flicks – a dead fiancé, his boyhood friends, a beautiful woman from LA, an ice cold mother, and of course, love in an unlikely place. And while the film is generally not that memorable, Olyphant’s portrayal of the feckless but sensitive best friend Fritz stands out. When I bought it, I went home and watched it, found my way back to the main menu and then watched it again. And I didn’t even feel guilty about it.

Like my friend Adam would say: "He'd receive it gratefully..."

Ultimately, my love became unshakeable after I discovered his HBO series,Deadwood. He’s certainly not the ’star’ of the piece – that would be Ian ‘Lovejoy‘ McShane – but his screen presence is incredibly magnetic. He has the old school ‘manly’ thing down, but then he has those Minstrel brown eyes that make him seem sweet and vulnerable. On the site where I cribbed the second photo, a commenter had written: “He’s so adorable and strong looking at the same time. I love it.” And then there’s his walk… Mills & Boon has ruined this phrase forerver, but he really does have the grace of a cat. I could watch him walk for hours. *Sigh*

I am currently watching the object of my affection in Justified [Wednesdays at 10pm on Fiver in the UK]. Despite its cliched origins – Lawman returns to his old hometown by force and has to deal with usual coterie of exes, family, former friends and the new gig – the writing has elevated it to pretty much art. He also gets to wear a hat, shoot bad guys and utter blackly humourous lines.

Frankly, I expected nothing less from Olafantastic.

*Props to Oddnumbereven for the heads up on a treasure trove of  Olyphant photo goodness. You rock.


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